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Fife Firewood Products

Nets of Logs
Fife Firewood Net Sacks of Logs
These net sacks of firewood logs are ideal for those that are tight on space or those that just want their wood logs stored neatly. Net sacks of logs are convenient, easy to transport and can be stored near your fire or stove. 24 nets equate to approximately 2 builders bags.
Bulk Bag of Logs
Bulk Bag of logs
We no longer deliver firewood logs via bulk bag (sometimes referred to as builders bags). These were proving too awkward to handle and move for us and our customers. Where access for one our crates is not possible we recommend the 24 or 40 nets nets as a suitable alternative.
Crate of Logs
birch hardwood crate
This is our most popular product as it comes in its own wood store! We deliver these via a tail-lift vehicle to your house. Assuming the terrain is level and firm such as concrete the crate can be wheeled to a suitable location by pallet truck. Available in birch or ash the choice is yours!

About Us

Welcome to our website where we offer our firewood for sale. But we also have the latest news about firewood, forestry, renewable heat incentives (RHIs) and all things wood logs related. With the introduction of the government RHIs recently, this has increased the demand for renewable fuels. Therefore, firewood logs have become increasingly more popular. At FifeFirewood.co.uk, we deliver firewood in two main forms:

  • Net sacks
  • Crates

Firewood Delivery Areas

We offer FREE DELIVERY across a wide area, primarily covering Scottish Central belt and also the east of Scotland, for example delivery is FREE to all the following areas:

  • Fife
  • Dundee
  • Edinburgh
  • Dunfermline
  • West Lothian
  • Perth
  • (We can deliver elsewhere too so contact us to check if we deliver to you)

From the FifeFirewood Blog

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Our welcome blog post at FifeFirewood is a little introduction to what we are all about, what we do, what we sell and where we sell to. There is plenty of useful information here and is well referenced throughout our website.

Which is the best firewood for burning in the home?

Firewood for burning in the home Although at Fife Firewood we have various types of firewood for sale. We recommend kiln dried firewood as the best firewood for burning in the home. Why kiln dried firewood? Kiln dried firewood is the best for use in the home. We can guarantee that the moisture content will… Read More »

Our guide for buying the right firewood fuel

Kiln Dried Firewood Fuel The ultimate firewood fuel product is that of kiln dried logs. These logs have moisture contents of below 20% and therefore have a high heat output. Using kiln dried logs should protect your stoves warranty as they will recommend only using kiln dried logs. They are ideal for immediate use on… Read More »

Tips on How to Store Firewood this Winter

During the winter season everyone is scrambling to get firewood, especially in large quantities, because this is the time you need it most. But getting the firewood and storing it presents a problem and may find you stuck with dump firewood which takes a lot time to light up and produces a lot of smoke.… Read More »

3 Reasons Why Seasoned Firewood is Better than Wet or Fresh Firewood

Here are the top three reasons why you should go with seasoned firewood: It is a lot easier to start a fire using dry or seasoned firewood The reason for this is that seasoned firewood has very little or sometimes even no water content compared to wet firewood. It is a known fact that water… Read More »