Tips on How to Store Firewood this Winter

By | 6 December, 2014

During the winter season everyone is scrambling to get firewood, especially in large quantities, because this is the time you need it most. But getting the firewood and storing it presents a problem and may find you stuck with dump firewood which takes a lot time to light up and produces a lot of smoke.

Here are some tips to help you store firewood logs during winter and save yourself the frustration;

  1. Easily Accessible Storage Space

Although it is always recommended that firewood should be stored outside the home, the storage area should be a short distance (not more than 30 feet) from your home.

It should not create a situation where no one wants to go get it or you almost freeze to death trying to access the storage area. The area should also be large enough to allow stocking of large quantities of firewood.

  1. Have a Small Stock of Firewood in the House

It is also advisable to carry enough wood logs and place them on a small wood log rack. This should not be more than 5 wood logs and the rack should be placed next to the fireplace or stove.

Before bringing the wood into the house check them thoroughly for any bugs and insects, remove any snow that might be on them and ensure they are well dried. This ensures that you do not have to go out frequently and have enough firewood for the whole day or night while at the same time prevents any bugs and insects entering the home.

  1. Keep Your Firewood Off the Ground

Always store firewood on a foundation away from the ground. This ensures that the wood is not dampened from run off snow and prevents insects such as termites and ants from destroying your firewood supply.

You can place them on a patio or a wooden rack. However a cheap way is simply placing freshly cut wood logs on the ground then placing your wood logs on top of the green lumber foundation.

  1. Stack the Wood Logs Efficiently

When stacking wood logs always arrange them by stacking the heavier woodlogs at the bottom and the lighter ones at the top. Also do not stack the wood to a height of more than 54 inches. This makes the stack more stable and prevents it from collapsing.

Arrange the wood logs in the direction of the wind and allow spaces in between the firewood to allow circulation of air in the stack.

  1. Protect Your Firewood

It is always a good idea to cover the firewood with a nylon or polythene cover on top to avoid snow run off dampening your wood logs. Do not cover the bottom area to allow for air circulation.

Alternatively, you can arrange your firewood with the bark on the upper side. This will protect the wood logs as it allows the snow to run off without dampening the wood itself.

Feel free to add comments and tips regarding how you store firewood.


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