Which is the best firewood for burning in the home?

By | 28 October, 2013

Firewood for burning in the home

Although at Fife Firewood we have various types of firewood for sale. We recommend kiln dried firewood as the best firewood for burning in the home.

Why kiln dried firewood?

Kiln dried firewood is the best for use in the home. We can guarantee that the moisture content will be below 20%.  Therefore this will provide an optimal burning rate and heat output!

We do still however offer seasoned firewood. This simply means that the logs have been kept in a barn and therefore not exposed to the elements for several months that allow them to air and become drier. ┬áProducing seasoned logs is very time consuming and doesn’t provide as dry (lower moisture content) than kiln dried wood logs.

The benefits of kiln dried firewood logs are that they are suitable for use immediately. They can be used in open fires, wood burning stoves or multi-fuel stoves. Additionally kiln dried logs are much easier to light and generally burn for a longer period of time than seasoned firewood logs.

Kiln dried firewood for burning in the home

Photo of some kiln dried firewood logs

The production of these logs starts with the felling of trees. Afterwards they are cut down to more manageable sizes. Following that the logs are then split, that looks very much like the image above. The split logs are then put into large metal open top containers and transported into the kiln for air drying. Time in the kiln varies depending on the size of logs, the temperature and humidity within.

For some added info here is a link to the actual process of producing kiln dried firewood for burning in the home.

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