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1. Our prices are subject to change.

2. Promotional terms only apply in the period stated for the promotion and may be extended or finished early depending on availability.

3. Charges for kerbside delivery are included in the stated product price and may be with a 7.5 or 18 tonne vehicle. We do not offer a truck to log store service for our kiln dried logs and whilst every effort will be made to place the delivery where you request this will depend on terrain and slope. For example, pallets cannot be wheeled across soft or loose surfaces such as gravel or grass. See Delivery Information

4. Whilst Calido Fuels Ltd. (Owner of the Fife Firewood Brand) will try to ensure that prices on the web site are accurate, we are not responsible for errors that may occur. If we discover any errors in the price of goods before we accept your order, we will notify you as soon as possible and give you the option to re-submit your order at the correct price or cancel the order. The price of all goods and services advertised are inclusive of any applicable UK taxes including VAT.

5. All goods are subject to availability. We will endeavor to keep stock levels accurate on our website however we are not responsible for errors that may occur.

6. Any goods, services or information displayed on this web site should not be regarded as an offer, invitation, solicitation, advice or recommendation to buy a product or services on the web site.

7. Any e-mail or other electronic acknowledgement by us of receipt of an order placed by you does not constitute legal acceptance by Calido Fuels Ltd of your order. All orders are subject to approval by us.

8. When processing your order, the information provided may be subject to credit and fraud prevention checks.

9. No warranties or representations are made about any goods other than as expressly contained in this website.

10. If goods are found to be faulty, please contact us by email to sales@fifefirewood.co.uk within 7 days from date of receipt of goods.

11. All new customers may be added to our Group Subscriber subscriber lists. We protect you identity and DO NOT share customer details with third parties. You may subscribe at any time via the unsubscribe link in the emails you receive.

12. Calido Fuels Ltd’s liability for any injury, damage or loss, including but not limited to consequential loss, arising from the use of any goods purchased via this web site, or from the transaction itself, is hereby excluded. Any injury, damage or loss arising directly from the negligence of Calido Fuels Ltd or any of its agents will be limited to a refund of the value of the goods purchased, together with any delivery charges paid.

13. If you invite or allow a delivery vehicle delivering product from us onto your property any damage caused is your sole responsibility.

14. Because Calido Fuels Ltd use PayPal for all online purchasing, your financial details are never actually shared with us. All transactions take place on the PayPal website which in turn means that your sensitive information is kept private and you are more protected against fraud. While all reasonable care is taken to protect the confidentiality of your credit card details, Calido Fuels Ltd. cannot be liable if, through no fault of its own, these details are intercepted and used by third parties.

15. If payment is made by any of the following: MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, American Express, Solo and Direct Debit the transaction will be handled by PayPal’s web pages. On completion of your purchase you will be returned to the Fife Firewood website safe in the knowledge that your payment is being handled by PayPal.

 16. If an order is cancelled or turned away (order not accepted) while the goods are in transit then a delivery charge of £65 will be charged to the customer. The same charge applies if the goods are undeliverable due to access or terrain constraints.