3 Reasons Why Seasoned Firewood is Better than Wet or Fresh Firewood

By | 13 January, 2015

Here are the top three reasons why you should go with seasoned firewood:

  1. It is a lot easier to start a fire using dry or seasoned firewood

The reason for this is that seasoned firewood has very little or sometimes even no water content compared to wet firewood. It is a known fact that water does a great job of dousing fire and as a result of this, if logs that are dryare used to make a fire instead of the fresh or wet kind, the starting of a fire in the fireplace will come at a much sooner time compared to an instance where wet firewood is the kind that is being used. In addition to this, the seasoned kind of firewood lasts a whole lot longer while burning compared to the fresh kind because the dry ones emit lesser smoke when burning in the fireplace compared to the ones that hold water or moisture.

  1. Wet firewood is literally heavier than their seasoned counterparts

This means that it will be a lot harder for people, trucks, and other modes of transportation, to carry fresh or wet logs because they are holding water or moisture at the least, inside. Water adds weight to the wood when it is trapped inside and for this reason fresh wood appears to be and actually becomes heavier than seasoned ones. For people who are purchasing their fire logs that are priced based on weight, fresh wood can cost more than seasoned ones even if there is less wood for the same weight as the seasoned ones. This is due to the simplefact that the water content of wet and fresh logs makes the wood weigh more.

  1. It is easier and more convenient to store seasoned firewood

Because the seasoned firewood is lighter than the wet ones, it is possible to stack them on top of one another without having to worry about them crashing into each other and splitting one another due to their weight. Of course, there are other ways of storing these seasoned kinds of firewood such as upright, under a cover such as a rood or ceiling, and the like.

But in the case of wet firewood, the more ideal way of storing them is by positioning them upright next to one another. It is either people stick to this way of storage or they dry them out first before storing them so that the wood is lighter and contains less water and moisture. If people will decide to season the wood first before storing them, these fresh kinds of firewood will have to be purchased at a store or simply chopped up months before they are to be used so that they can be dried outside the house or establishment. When done properly, the fresh wood will be crisp and dry and more than ready to be used to get a fire going. With a little advanced planning, seasoned firewood can definitely go a long way in terms of efficiency and helpfulness during the winter season.